Capitol Reef – Cathedral Valley July 17th – 19th 2015

We made it back to Capitol Reef during the weekend of July 18th-19th to explore Cathedral Valley. This time we were staying in a lodge and had reservations so no need to scramble to fight a campsite. We grabbed some za and beer at the Rim Rock cafe, which has a pretty nifty view for the sunset.

The next day we got up at 5:30 and hit the road after six towards the dirt “road” towards Cathedral valley. It looked a lot like rain but we made our minds up with was no or never and decide to charge forward and turn back at the moment a torrential downpour began.

The road wasn’t in that bad of shape consider the amount of rainfall we’ve had this summer, but we still only saw one other couple, a Frenchman and his companion and in Grand Cherokee (WK2) easing their way down into a wash. He warned us of rain beyond the Temples of the Sun and Moon. We decided to take our chances and continued on. I’m glad we did because we never met any rain and got the entire valley to ourselves.

We did not continue on the road to complete the loop and but turned around at the Cathedral Valley and exited the way we came in.

The next day we took in some more views around Capitol Reef, such as the Goosenecks below.

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